A crazy idea…

May 23rd, 2008 by Fweeb

So the 48-hour Film Project is coming to Richmond this summer. In fact, registration starts next week on the 27th of May and the actual project happens in July (18th-20th). I’m seriously contemplating doing this. For those of you who don’t know (and don’t feel like clicking on the link), the 48-hour Film Project is exactly what it sounds like. You have 48 hours to complete a 4 to 7 minute short movie. At the kick-off, each team draws a character, prop, and line of dialogue that must be in the film. From there you have exactly two days to produce your short. At the end of that two days (and perhaps a modest amount of recuperation time), all of the shorts are screened and viewed.

Sound like fun? I mean, it’s pretty intense and there’s not likely to be a lot of sleep going on, but it’s certainly doable. So why did I make the subject to this “A crazy idea…”? Well… not only am I considering registering, but I think it’d be a fun challenge to create an animation in that 48 hours. Sure that likely means more work and even less sleep, but I’m just sick enough to think I might enjoy it.

If I do this, though, I won’t be able to do it alone (crazy I might be, but even I have my limits). There will be a fair amount of prep work necessary (the live action folks have actors, sets, and locations already in existence, for the most part… the least we could do is model some basic generic characters and sets). Also, I’ll need a pretty fair amount of help with sound… voice talent, music, and sound effects/Foley. And it’s always great to have creative input on all sorts of things.

So… who thinks this is a good idea? Who wants to help? You don’t necessarily have to be in or from Richmond to participate… and as far as I can tell, there’s no limit to the size of the team.  You just have to have a willingness and desire to go through hell with me for a weekend… and hopefully make something pretty cool (and relatively unprecedented).

Whattya say?

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