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May 1st, 2008 by Fweeb

Crowd at NAB 2008An article I wrote on my experiences at this year’s NAB Show in Las Vegas has been posted at Blender Nation. Go have a gander at all the cool stuff I got to see there (forgiving some of the blurry camera phone photos)!

Krispy Kreme *in* the hotel!Of course, the funny thing is that because I tried to keep the content of that article restricted to only information that’s relevant to the Blender community, I didn’t include cool little tidbits like the fact that my hotel had a Krispy Kreme inside it! And not just some dinky kiosk; they had the fresh donut conveyor and the infamous hot light! You better believe I had donuts every day.

Chuck D?  Yup.But this show is probably the largest conference I’ve been to, to date. There were lots of interesting people to meet… and I was only to meet a few. Some notable people include the directors of Dr. Seuss’ Horton Hears a Who, Jimmy Hayward and Steve Martino of Blue Sky Studios (as I mention in the article), as well as Andy Milonakis and Harry Shearer who have shows on (BTW, if you haven’t seen the You Suck at Photoshop series yet… you should). I got to meet quite a few independent producers and production people, including Johann Dawes and Terrick (please forgive me, I never got his last name… or the proper spelling for his first name), both from Jamaica. The former is the Executive Director of Hype! TV, a Jamaican music and entertainment station and the latter is a “swiss army knife” of production, focusing primarily on music videos. Hell, even Chuck D made an appearance.

Oh… and does anyone have a couple thousand dollars to spare? I made the mistake of visiting Wacom’s booth and now I want a Cintiqbadly.

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