Gallery Updated (at long last!)

September 21st, 2007 by Fweeb

blender_logo.pngAfter four months without updates, I’ve finally gotten around to updating the gallery on I couldn’t have done it alone. I got a huge amount of help from blender user and developer, ZanQdo. We went through the submissions and ultimately selecting a total of 74 images to be added to the gallery. Because of the tardiness in updating the gallery, I changed the format of it a bit. It used to just show the images from the most recent month. While it might go back to that in the future, I currently have it set up to show the first image in each month’s gallery and let that image link into the individual month it corresponds to. We figured that would be the most fair thing for people who submitted their work in the earlier months. A lot of those pieces are great and it would be a shame to immediately bury them in an archive.

At any rate, that’s the deal. There’s some really excellent work on display there. Go check it out!

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