Mucking around with my site’s layout

January 30th, 2010 by Fweeb

Took some time today to mess around with the layout on I’d had that layout for over 3 years now and had been way overdue for an update. Granted, the changes I made weren’t huge. However, the changes I made make the site match the more angular nature of the site’s name. On top of that, I learned a few new cool tricks. For instance, the angles I added use no images; it’s pure CSS, courtesy of the Slantastic example. Furthermore, since the technique shown on the Slantastic demo utilizes blank div tags, I didn’t want to gum up my mark-up with superfluous div tags. So I resolved that issue by employing a little bit of Javascript to dynamically add those tags when the page loads. This almost makes me miss the days when I was making websites for other people… almost.

And I’m not done. I’ll probably be migrating my gallery from Gallery2 (using the WPG2 plug-in for WordPress) to the NextGen gallery, since it integrates more cleanly. Of course, that’ll take quite a bit more time, so I’ll be backburnering that for a while still.


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