I Love Living in The Future

September 13th, 2007 by Fweeb

I’m in the process of clearing out some of the tabs in my browser that I’ve been saving for the last few weeks. Here are some incredible pieces of tech that will be [hopefully] in our hands in the relatively close future:

32GB on an SD card – Toshiba announced late last month that they are able to produce a high capacity SD card that will hold 32GB (that’s right, thirty-two GIGAbytes) of data. Granted the cards are slated to cost £350 (roughly $709, according to my handy internet current exchange website), so they’re by no means cheap. But, they plan on releasing it as soon as January of next year, so hopefully it will get cheaper as the year goes on.

Universal “Racetrack Memory” – Speaking of massive data storage… This is probably 5 years off or so, but a researcher at IBM named Stuart Parkin (the same Stuart Parkin responsible for huge leaps in storage capacity not too long ago) is developing a technology referred to as “racetrack memory” which may increase data storage capacities another 10 to 100 times. And it currently reads and writes in just 1 nanosecond! The best part is that it could be used to replace both traditional hard drives as well as flash drives. It’s too early to guarantee that it will work for mass fabrication, but the prospect is very promising.

Mind-reading Wheelchair – Now this is just cool. Granted, it’s not really mind reading, per se. This wheelchair has electrodes that stick to the surface of your skin near your throat. When you think of saying a word, it reads the nerve signals going to your larynx and translates that into movement. Eventually, this might even be able to have use in synthesizing speech for some people!

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