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Book Review on Blender Nation

Tuesday, June 12th, 2007

You may or may not know it, but I occasionally write articles for Blender Nation, the primary site for Blender-related news. Most of the time I write fairly small articles or make announcements. However, recently, I did a book review on Claus Höfele’s Mobile 3D Graphics: Learning 3D Graphics with the Javaâ„¢ Micro Edition.  I [...]

2 Blender Workshops in June!

Tuesday, May 29th, 2007

Just letting folks know, Hand Turkey Studios will be offering 2 Blender workshops in June: Blender Basics on the 9th and Blender Basics II on the 16th. You can register for either workshop for $50 or register for both for $90. We’ve found an awesome new venue for it by teaming up with the good [...]

Two Big OSS Releases

Sunday, May 13th, 2007

In the last few days there have been releases in open source graphics software.  First up, Ubuntu Studio.  I did a short write-up on it for Blender Nation and I think I’m going to be trying it out very soon… either with VirtualBox or directly on one of my machines (if I can find myself [...]

… Annnd, I’m back

Tuesday, May 8th, 2007

So… 1600 miles and roughly 52 hours later (with only 7 of those hours devoted to sleeping [in my car]), I’m back here in front of my computer. First off.. the Libre Graphics Meeting was awesome. I was only able to be there for 1 day of that 3-day event, but I had a great [...]

Libre Graphics Meeting… Away I Go!

Saturday, May 5th, 2007

Now… I jump in my car for a nice 12-hour drive to Montreal for the Libre Graphics Meeting. All kindsa cool things should be happening there.  I’ll report more upon my return. Wheee!!!

The WiiBot

Tuesday, February 6th, 2007

Man… it’s things like this that make me occasionally wish my primary focus was still engineering. Two guys from US Mechatronics hacked WiiMote control capability to a Kuka KR16 industrial robotic arm as a side project.  Arming it with both a tennis racket and a sword, they show the excellent response time of the robot [...]

Follow-up on Blender Stuffs

Monday, January 15th, 2007

So, following up on the Blender Basics Workshop I mentioned a while back, we had it this past Friday and I have to say I think it went rather well. I wrote a quick note about it on sheep-dot. Long story short, we had 9 attendees and it looks like there’s enough interest in having [...]

Advanced Blender Fluid Dynamics DVD

Tuesday, January 9th, 2007

Over the last couple of months, I’ve been working with the folks at cmiVFX on a tutorial DVD for Blender‘s integrated fluid simulator. It’s roughly 3 hours worth of instruction and I’m pretty happy with the way it all turned out. The plan is that this is the first in a series of training DVD’s [...]

Blender Workshop in January

Wednesday, December 20th, 2006

Just a heads-up. My company, Hand Turkey Studios will be offering a training workshop on Blender in Richmond, VA on January 12th at The Work Factory on Main St. If you’re interested, you can find details at Blender’s an excellent program. We use it for nearly all of our animation needs.

I’m on Blender Nation!

Friday, December 1st, 2006

An interview with me that was taken back during the SIGGRAPH conference in Boston was posted on Blender Nation today. It’s kind of weird to see an interview of yourself posted where the world can see it. However, it’s always fun to read people’s comments after the article. And Mark (the guy that took the [...]