Two new tutorials on!

April 3rd, 2009 by Fweeb

Well… I’ve finally posted the first two video tutorials on The purpose of these tutorials is to supplement the Blender For Dummies book and provide you (assuming you’re interested in Blender) with some more step-by-step processes and help grow understanding of how to work in Blender. These first two tutorials can actually be treated as a two-part tutorial on modeling an eye and adding some basic materials to it to give your character models some life and a good running start on believability.

For convenience, I’ve also mirrored these tutorials on both YouTube and Vimeo. Hopefully this will alleviate any potential bandwidth sappage that may happen with my web host. However, even if you do use these mirrored videos, I still suggest you check out the ones on because in the postings there, I include the .blend file used to create each tutorial as well as a .mp4 file of the actual video tutorial itself. That way you can watch the video on your computer even if you don’t have an internet connection. How’s that for awesome?

Alrighty… and just for kicks, here are each of the video tutorials… for your viewing pleasure:

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