Blender Foundation Trainer Certification!

January 15th, 2008 by Fweeb

Since the Blender Conference back in October, I’ve been working in earnest with Margreet Riphagen of the Blender Foundation to finally get a trainer certification program launched. Well, with a few months of hard work between us and the rest of the review board that was assembled, the Blender Foundation Trainer Certification (BFCT) program has officially been launched!

This is an important step in improving the quality of Blender training as well as providing more of a professional presence for Blender in the computer graphics and animation industries. It’s exciting times, I tell you.

We took quite a bit of time to finalize the evaluation criteria for certification applicants. Since there are no real training centers and our review board is international, it was a particularly interesting challenge. The entire process has to be managed over the Internet, so it’s somewhat difficult to issue in-person tests or interviews as you might be familiar with in other certification programs. As the Blender education community grows, we may be able to do that in the future, but in the meantime, we had to find other ways to validate an applicant’s qualifications. Hopefully what we’ve landed on will work well. On the anniversary of this launch, we’ll evaluate how things have gone and try to make any necessary changes. I really hope that the program proves to be a success.

As a bonus, all of the members of the certification review board are officially recognized as Certified Blender trainers. Woohoo! I’m Certifiable!

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