Due to the high demand for the compositing tutorial I announced a few days ago, I’m releasing the .blend file that was used to create that tutorial. When the tutorial was announced here as well as the forums at blenderartists.org and then on Blender Nation, the Blender community swamped the on-demand video player at cmiVFX. As a community, we created the highest demand for a tutorial on their system to date. We actually filled their database!

Because of this, of course, it was proving difficult for some people to view the tutorial. To help alleviate this situation (and because it was requested) the .blend file is being released into the wild.

A couple important notes:

First, this .blend was created with a development version of Blender. This is important because the revision that was used is before the ‘infamous’ Jahka particle branch was merged with the main development trunk. So if you desire for this .blend file to render as it is in the tutorial, you’ll need to use Revision 12676 (or one near to it). BF-Builds that that you can find on graphicall.org that are dated before (but near) 26 November 2007 should work well. The biggest new features that this .blend file uses are Edit-mode UV unwrap, object selectability in the Outliner, and the Glare node in the compositor

The other thing to note is that this file is being released under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 United States License. This means you can use it for whatever purpose you like, so long as you give credit to Hand Turkey Studios for creating the original .blend and animation. I appreciate that the good folks at cmiVFX agreed that releasing this .blend would be a good idea.

And with that, here’s what you’re actually looking for (or what you’ve skipped ahead and when directly to click on). It’s a 36MB file with the textures packed into it. Right-click and save as… also, please be kind to my webhost and take advantage of the kind people willing to mirror this file:

Additional mirrors (and perhaps a torrent) will be added here. If anyone else is willing to mirror this file, please contact me via email at jason (at) handturkeystudios (dot) com.

Have fun!

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