Blender Conference, Day 1

October 13th, 2007 by Fweeb

So I’m in Amsterdam for the Blender Conference.  It’s currently the second day of the conference and this is the largest B-conf yet.  There were 150 registrants and the new venue is fantastic.  I believe that they are recording each of the presentations being made.  Hopefully the will be posted on or Blender Nation some time soon, because there are some real gems in there.  Last night, they showed the Suzanne Award nominee animations.  There were quite a few strong pieces.  My favorites chose a really stylized look and owned it.  There were a couple examples that took a puppetry/cutout animation look and really owned it.  It will be quite interesting to see who wins the awards this evening.  And in that, I got a few seconds of screen time with my balancing Petunias as part of the introduction animation.

I brought a camera with me, but I’m particularly horrible at remembering to actually use it.  Hopefully today I’ll recall that I have it and make it a point to snap one or two really quick shots.


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