October 15th, 2010 by Fweeb

So nearly a year ago, I was taking a 15-week course hosted by Bill Plympton. Part of the workshop involved producing a short, 30-second animation. Well, in the last week of the class, I fired up Pencil and cranked out the drawings for my short. Unfortunately, I never found the time to put together the audio side of the short, so it got shelved. Fortunately, though, thanks to the very awesome help of my friends “American” Dave Kline and Thomas Vecchione lending their voice and sound design talents (respectively), I was finally able to get this short off of the shelf (and yes, I did the final edit with Blender). Now everyone can see! You can be part of that everyone; I’ve uploaded it to YouTube and embedded it into this very blog post. Lookie!

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