This image may or may not be an accurate representation of how I currently look

Oh man… where to start? Do I get all narcissistic and just talk about myself? Do I get all nerdy and talk about this website? Do I stop and realize that in those three sentences I’ve pretty much explained everything?

Yeah… I do stuff. I’m all over the place. This site is basically here to catch the chaff from my other adventures on the internet. Anything where I can’t figure out where it’s supposed to go… it belongs here. I’d like to think of this as my little outpost on the fringes of social networks. A place to sit on the porch and throw rocks at things/people. Hopefully, though, this site ends up being of some service to someone, somewhere. At the very least, I hope I can make it interesting and possibly even a bit entertaining. If there’s anything I don’t want, it’s to abandon this space… again. I guess time will tell.

Oh yeah… I guess it may be helpful to tell you my name. I’m Jason van Gumster. I animate, write, teach, and generally find a way to make a fool of myself while doing all three. If for some crazy reason you’re looking for me on these here interwebbernets, I’m likely to be using the moniker “Fweeb” (which is short for “The Fallen Weeble”… and yes, that’s based on the children’s toy that doesn’t fall down. I may be defective). To make it even easier for Internet stalkers, I’ve provided links in the sidebar to my various other websites and social networking pages.